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Nice work! You hacked us… Kinda! As you can see, the text below doesn’t revolve around job descriptions but some geeky facts for you to enjoy! You still need to sign-up to see more details about the jobs! Why do you think QWERTY keyboards were designed like they were? There are two theories; the first is actually to slow you down. Old-school manual typewriters would jam if people typed too fast, so placing common letters far from each other helped to prevent this from happening. The other theory is that the QWERTY layout makes it easier and faster to decipher messages in Morse code… safe to say that whatever the reason, it’s not changing any time soon.

Example job titles

The first hard drive could only hold 5MB of data
92% of the world’s currency exists only on computers
A 15-year-old once hacked NASA and shut down operations for 21 days
80% of emails sent daily are spam (and the rest)
Bill Gates’ house was designed using a Mac
Cambridge University was one of the first to use a webcam… they used it to keep tabs on a coffee pot to avoid unnecessary trips to an empty pot!

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