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Spending too much time trying to find the right graduates?

Smart Hiring with Intelligent Matchmaking

Graduate recruitment doesn't need to be a guessing game.

We understand the struggle of sifting through near-identical CVs, trying to identify those with real potential. GradSmart takes the hassle out of it - we ensure your opportunities reach the right people.

Our intelligent matchmaking shines a spotlight on graduates who truly align with your business, filtering out mismatches. This means you can dedicate your efforts to what's most important – choosing the best people for your team.

Want to streamline your search for the right grads?

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I have 374 graduate applications to review this weekend. I suppose that's my weekend plans out the window...

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Amplified Reach, Refined Selection

Supercharge your graduate recruitment with GradSmart.

When you post a job with us, it's not just a listing - it's a broadcast. We push your vacancies to our exclusive graduate network, university job boards, free job sites, and social media, ensuring you connect with the right talent, wherever they are.

But it's not just about reach. Our intelligent matchmaking promotes your roles to the best-fit graduates while efficiently filtering out unsuitable applicants.

The outcome? A handful of highly suited applications, streamlined for efficiency. Experience graduate recruitment as it should be.

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Experience Graduate Hiring, Upgraded

Welcome to a personalised candidate discovery

With GradSmart, discovering talent becomes a transformative experience. Say goodbye to endless applications - we only introduce you to the grads that align with your requirements.

targeted promotion

Targeted Job Promotion

Amplified exposure to our network of graduates, university job boards, and social media. This increases your reach, connecting you with the most suitable candidates - wherever they are.

intelligent matchmaking

Intelligent Matchmaking

Our personalised job matching spotlights candidates that align with your job requirements. No more wading through irrelevant applications. Discovery quality, not quantity.

flexible job

Flexible Job Advertising

We adapt to your timeline. Post jobs whenever you're ready, schedule adverts in advance, and stay in the game with year-round exposure to fresh, vibrant grads ready to energise your team.

data-driven optimisation

Data-Driven Optimisation

Our platform learns from your hiring results. Over time, we optimise your adverts and the type of graduates we promote, leading to even better performance.

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Want to experience the smarter way to hire grads?

Discover True Matches with Compatibility Score

Go beyond CVs

Our Compatibility Score unveils the genuine matches for your role and company. Each application arrives with a score, indicating the alignment of the applicant's skills, interests, and aspirations with your job. Quickly identify high-potential candidates and focus on those who truly complement your company.

Why guess when you can know? Discover compatibility today.

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Boost Your Employer Brand Among Targeted Graduates

No matter your size or resources, becoming an employer of choice for graduates is within your reach.

With GradSmart, you can enhance your employer brand with the exact grads you aim to attract. By closely aligning your job requirements with the unique characteristics of our diverse graduate pool, we ensure your opportunities resonate with the most fitting candidates.

Dive into our 'Graduate Compatibility Profile' – a comprehensive evaluation considering:

Personality and Interests

Our aim is to align graduates' passions with your roles, fostering a love for the job and harmony with your company's culture.

Essential Criteria

We sift through the essentials. From a driving license to security clearance, we exclude those who can't meet minimum requirements.


Specify minimum education requirements or target applications from graduates holding specific degrees.

Graduate Preferences

We consider the graduates' preferred work environment, industry, and company size for improved engagement and alignment.

Skills and Experience

We spotlight graduates with the right skills while not overlooking those ready for development. It's about potential over perfection.


Not the primary factor, but we verify that the salary on offer aligns with the expectations of applicants.

Elevate Your Brand

Ready to be the employer of choice for your ideal graduate demographic?


No matter your budget, we will add value to your graduate hiring


Assisting you with your occasional graduate hire

£ 95 / month

  • One company user
  • One Active Graduate Job Post
  • Unlimited Intern/Placement Job Posts
  • Detailed Matchmaking Report


Streamlining admin, broadening reach - ideal for active graduate hiring

£ 330 / month

  • Unlimited Jobs Posts
  • Unlimited company users with team management
  • Detailed Matchmaking Report
  • External Job Advertising


Elevating your brand to an employer of choice within your target demographic

£ 1050 / month

  • Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Account Manager
  • Application Screening
  • Paid Promotion
  • AI-Powered Job Writer [future]
  • Enhance employer profile [future]
  • ATS Integration [future]

No credit card required upfront

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Graduate Hiring Insight Hub

Welcome to our Insights section - hiring strategies, recruitment tips, and industry trends. Your journey to efficient hiring starts here!


How it works

Remember, our platform is here to make your job discovery journey smoother, quicker, and more personalised than ever before!

What is the cost of using GradSmart?

GradSmart allows you to access a 14-day free trial, allowing you to post a job, set your matchmaking preferences to experience efficient and effective graduate hiring. If you enjoy receiving matched applications, without having to review 100s of CVs, you're welcome to sign up to a package that suits you. Starter - £95pm for one live job posting, Growth - £350pm for unlimited job postings, Scale - £1,050pm for active sourcing and the support of an Account Manager.

How does GradSmart support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies?

We promote DEI in two ways. First, by ensuring diversity in our advertising channels, and second, by anonymizing identifiable information from CVs before you proceed to the interview stage.

How does the job posting process work on GradSmart?

It's as simple as posting a job on a standard job board. Once you post your job, our platform takes over, broadcasting your vacancy to an extensive network. Our intelligent matchmaking system then highlights suitable applicants for your role.

Can I target graduates with specific degrees?

Yes, our platform allows you to target graduates with specific degrees, ensuring you connect with the most relevant candidates.

Can I target graduates with specific skills?

Absolutely, our platform enables you to specify desired skills in your job postings, helping you find the perfect match for your role.

Where does GradSmart advertise my jobs?

In addition to our exclusive graduate network, your jobs will be advertised on university job boards, free job sites, and across various social media platforms. This maximises your reach and ensures that your opportunities are viewed by the right graduates.

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