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You spend about 90,000 hours of your life working, so don't waste it... do something you love. GradSmart's personality modelling allows us to understand your interests and personality to match your passion with career paths. We will give you the tools to feel optimistic, enthusiastic and excited about your future.

Free GradSmart CV Builder

It's not enough for us to help you find suitable career paths. Our completely free CV Builder guides you through each step of the process to build a powerful CV to use in all of your applications.

As you build your CV, we will further understand your skills, experience, and motivations to match you to job opportunities better.

Our CV Builder is designed and developed based on over 15 years of recruitment experience to give you an advantage over your competition.

We lead you to the door of your dream job and give you the CV to kick it down!

Build your CV now! We're here to help.