Careers by Personality Type

GradSmart Personality Profiling is based on the RIASEC model, an interest-profiler that can help you understand what jobs you will enjoy! When you choose a career path that matches your interests, you're very likely to be more successful and satisfied.

Our Personality Profiling gives you a score out of 30 for each personality type. If you score high, you should focus your search on jobs that match that personality profile. If you score low, it's probably best to avoid those...

So many people make career decisions based on their degree, other people's opinions, what they "should" do and other things that don't really matter. As long as you can pay your bills, the only thing that matters is whether you enjoy it or not. You spend over 90,000 hours of your life working... you better make sure you choose a career you love!

Find out what career paths match your personality below!

View Artistic careers Artistic

With an Artistic personality type, you're The Creator. You like to work with ideas and people, and you enjoy work that challenges your imagination.

View Conventional careers Conventional

With a Conventional personality type, you’re the Organiser. You like to work with data and things, and you’re very detail-oriented.

View Enterprising careers Enterprising

With an Enterprising personality type, you’re the Persuader. You like to work with data and people, as you are a natural leader with a passion for influencing and persuading.

View Investigative careers Investigative

With an Investigative personality type, you’re the Problem Solver. You like to work with things and ideas as you’re naturally inquisitive, like to learn new things, and are passionate about research and analysis.

View Realistic careers Realistic

With a Realistic personality type, you’re the Builder. You like to work with things, so you enjoy working with your hands and doing tasks that are physical.

View Social careers Social

With a Social personality type, you’re the Helper. You like to work with people, so you’re likely to be friendly and concerned about the welfare of others.