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Don't know what to do after you graduate? We feel you.

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Say goodbye to the old-school job search. At GradSmart, we're changing the game with personalised job matching.

You're more than just a CV to us, and we're here to spotlight the skills, interests, and unique elements that make you, well, you. Our intelligent platform introduces you to roles that you'll genuinely love - maybe even ones you never knew existed.

And the icing on the cake? Apply with just a single click. No more cover letters that feel like you're back in a lecture hall.

Ready for a career that's as unique as you are?

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Career Quiz - A little fun, a lot of insight

Take our unique career quiz - a few minutes of fun that leads to a lifetime of satisfaction.

We'll capture your interests and map them onto job types, linking you directly with live job opportunities tailored to you.

This creates a personalised recruitment experience like no other.

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Welcome to a personalised job discovery experience

GradSmart revolutionises the way you discover opportunities. Forget about scrolling through endless job listings - with us, you'll find job matches designed just for you.

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One-Click Apply: We get it, duplicating your CV into an application form is a drag. Just upload your CV once and apply to jobs with a single click!

Compatibility Score

Know Your Match: With each job comes a Suitability Score, letting you know how well it matches your skills, interests and preferences.

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Discover how your interests translate into jobs you'll love

Why waste time on jobs that don't get you excited? Our Career Quiz takes a deep dive into your unique interests across six main categories.

Just a few minutes of fun could reveal live jobs that sync with your passions - transforming every Monday into a day to look forward to!

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Let's match your interests to a job you'll love!

Career Insight Hub

Welcome to our Insights section - career advice, job hunting tips, and industry trends. Your journey to career growth starts here!


How it works

Remember, our platform is here to make your job discovery journey smoother, quicker, and more personalised than ever before!

What is the Career Quiz based on?

The Career Quiz is based on the RIASEC model, which prioritises your interests. This ensures that your job matches align with what truly captivates and motivates you.

How does the matchmaking process work?

Our unique algorithm matches you with jobs based not only on your interests, but also your skills, experiences, and key requirements such as location, salary, and preferred start date. This comprehensive approach ensures a personalised, suitable job match.

What is the 'Job Preferences' section for?

The 'Job Preferences' section is where you specify what you're looking for in a job and when. It's a crucial part of your profile that helps us tailor your job matches even further.

What is the 'Personal Summary'?

The 'Personal Summary' is a section in your profile where an AI writer generates a personalised summary about you, based on the information you've provided. It’s a great way to make your profile stand out to potential employers!

How long does it take to create a profile?

It takes approximately 10 minutes to take the quiz, upload your CV, and confirm your profile. After that, you can apply for jobs with just one click, saving you precious time in your job search.

Can I create my profile now and start job hunting later?

Absolutely! You can create your profile and keep it up-to-date even if you're not ready to start job hunting. Just uncheck the 'Open to Work' option until you're ready to start getting matched with jobs.

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